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To Study the Effect of Source of Water Supply on Different Income Groups and Prevalence of Infectious Diseases

Mamta Jaiswal

Advisor & Head of Faculty Home Science
Sultanpur (UP) 228118

Manisha Shukla

M.Sc. Research Scholar
Sultanpur (UP) 228118


Water is more important than any other compound to life. But due to unhygienic storage, external contamination by bacteria such as Bacillus cereus, staphylococci aurous, E. Coli may cause many infectious disease like, cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery etc.

The present study reveals effect of source of water on different income groups and prevalence of infectious disease in Sultanpur distric. Five different areas are randomly selected for collection of sample. 100 samples of water in this study were collected from different areas, in Sultanpur district.

The result shows that 52% female respondents used tap water which may be municipal water and 20% male respondents used hand pump water. 30% of male respondents stored water in water filter and other respondents stored water in fiber bottle, in vessel as in any other container. 48.0% percent respondents don’t know about the disease which spreads due to conteminated water. 52.0% respondents used filtering tap and 48.05 respondents used aquagraurd. Most of the respondents know the traditional method of water cleaning. Municipality generally used potassium per magnate (lal dawa) for water cleaning, 12.0 % respondents didn’t know about it and they also didn’t know the office where they can report about contaminated water.

Keywords: Unhygienic, Bacteria, Bacillus, Staphylococci, Prevalence, Contaminated, Infection disease, Diarrhea, Dysentery.

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