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Study of Administrative & Cultural Adaptation required for Access, Retention and Learning of Tribal Children

Sudhir H Tandel

Assistant Professor
Department of Education
Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan


The objective of the present study was to know the administrative and cultural problems related to access, retention and learning of tribal children and from these problems drawing out the administrative and cultural adaptations. To study the problem four district of Gujarat Aravalli, Narmada, Dahod and Dang were selected randomly. From each district stakeholders like tribal children, their parents, teachers, Principals, SMC and community members, CRCC, BRCC, BRPs, TPEO and DPEO were interviewed and classroom activities and school activities were observed in 64 schools. Major findings of the study were lack of coordination between the administrative systems of the district was a major problem. Irregularity of teachers and students and migration of the parents were the problems affecting the teaching-learning process. Difference in home language and school language and menu not according to the culture of the tribal children were the major cultural problems related to tribal education. Based on these findings the suggestions were given for the administrative and cultural adaptation required for access, retention and learning of the tribal children.

Key words: Administrative Adaptation, Cultural Adaptation, Access, Retention, Learning, Tribal Children

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