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Shariful Islam
Administrative Officer
Chuadanga Poura Degree College,
Chuadanga, Khulna (Bangladesh)


Rape is one of the most heinous crimes and the womanhood is the most humiliated victim of it physically, mentally and socially. The situation in Bangladesh as well as in the whole world is so jeopardizing that no females irrespective of minors or adults can be spared from the lust of criminals. It is a great challenge to ensure justice for the rape victims in our country due to shortcomings in the existing laws as well as the traditional attitude of our judicial mechanism and also our social attitudes. The contemporary criminal justice system of Bangladesh is not favorable to the victims rather to the criminals. As a result, victims do not come forward to the court to face the harassment happens in the name of investigation and trial proceedings. This study is an attempt to show how the rape victims are deprived of the justice because of the absence of proper implementations of the existing rape related laws and how the laws can be used properly to ensure justice towards the rape victims in Bangladesh. Some selected text books, journals, magazines, and medical examinations reports have been reviewed on this issue.

Key words: Rape, Rape Victims, Womanhood, Justice, Vigilance.

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