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Yield Gap and Constraints Analysis of Soybean Production in Madhya Pradesh

Anumeha Choudhary

Ph. D Scholar
Department of Agricultural Economics
Swami Vivekanand University, Sagar (M.P.)


The study is expected to throw some light on extent of yield gap in soybean production at different level of the farmers’ field. This step needs a scientific evaluation of the extent of yield gap. The farmers also facing so many problems in production of soybean, it should be also identified to enhance the productivity of soybean. Study revealed that the yield gap was of the range from 0.94 q/ha to 2.64 q/ha in soybean cultivation which can be realized by farmers through the use of proper management of resources and adoption of improved practices on their farms. The constraints confronted by soybean growers in adoption of improved soybean production technology on their farm, as partial level or non judicious, were divided into two groups i.e. “Biological constraints” and “Socio economic and technological constraint”.

Keywords: Soybean, Yield gap, Constraints.

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